Austin Ried & Wesley Marks are a great pair

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@FelixWarnerXXX lights up his Marlboro Lights and enjoys a bright sunny smoke.

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@AlexGreeneXXX @MrJDPhoenix @BobbyHartXXX @BlakeStoneXXX @FelixWarnerXXX Behind the Scenes!

Oodles of @AlexGreeneXXX selfies, @MrJDPhoenix and his bummage lounging by the pool, @FelixWarner bottoming twice and you have days 3-5 of the shoot!  Try us $5 for 5 days

@FelixWarnerXXX is ours now!  Being his first post on our tumblr he deserves one on his own.  Here’s some of his behind the scenes shots from the past few days. That smile is infectious ♥ Join $5 for 5 days

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@BoysSmokingCom smoking twinks Patrick Kennedy and Austin Ried get down to some smoke swapping, cock suckin smoke sex! After a long smokin start Patrick gets his ass plowed while he and Austin chain smoke! (Full Video)

@MrJDPhoenix and @AlexGreeneXXX completed Days 1 & 2 of shoot week for us! Stay tuned for what’s more to come the rest of this week…

@AlexGreeneXXX & @MrJDPhoenix are basically the prettiest blue-eyed boys in the universe.  Imagine them together *winkwink* Much much more to come from these boys. Join us at to see more smoking & stroking.  or try us at $5 for 5 days here

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Two horse hung chainsmoking studs! Ryan Conners and @AlexGreeneXXX swap smoke, swap blowjobs and Ryan eats Alexander’s bubble butt while he smokes and moans. (17 Minutes)  Try us at $5 for 5 days! HERE

Will you ever have Sven Laarson or Felix warner on the site?

Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, Jessie Montgomery, Stefan Nash, Johnny Forza, and Donyn Forza are exclusives to their respective sites, and I cannot answer that, we will be shooting with some new models in August though, so you’ll see soon!